Our mission is that people of all age groups enjoy their stay when visiting Baulan.  Therefore we aim to please and put our heart and soul into our services so our customers can enjoy lively and joyful experience while we create quality food from our ingredients.


Our main courses are pizza, hamburgers, deep fried fish, sandwiches, lamb chops and schnitzel.  We also have the famous Icelandic hot dog along with cold sandwiches.  Our hamburger meat is of the highest quality and fresh every day.  The hamburger bread is extremely good along with our great selection of fresh sauces.


In Iceland, a hamburger is not the same as hamburger. At Baulan we treat our hamburgers to the highest standard as it should.


Baulan is located in Borgarnes and everyone who is passing by should stop and visit.  Children are specially welcome whereas we have a children‘s menu and we also have fenced outdoor playing field for their enjoyment.  Our fine looking inside store has what you need when travelling such as milk, skyr and cleaning products to name a few and not forget our fresh pastry.  At Baulan we also sell gasoline, diesel and large selection of oils and car care products.


Baulan proudly serves professional drivers with food and supplies for the road.  We also offer speed gas pump that takes less time to fill the tank.